AHW Empowers Wisconsin's Nonprofits with Catchafire Partnership

April 26, 2024 Posted by AHW Endowment

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At the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment (AHW), we're committed to supporting capacity-building initiatives that empower Wisconsin’s nonprofits to improve the health and well-being of Wisconsin residents. In 2021, we collaborated with Milwaukee-based funders to establish the Greater Milwaukee Partnership program, collaborating with Catchafire to connect nonprofits with skilled virtual volunteers. We built on the program’s success in January 2022, when we extended its reach by partnering with the Wisconsin Partnership Program to support nonprofits and public health partners statewide through the Partnership for a Healthier Wisconsin.

Driving Positive Change for Wisconsin’s Nonprofits

The Partnership for a Healthier Wisconsin strengthens nonprofits' capacity to address health disparities and promote health equity, and working with Catchafire has had a transformative impact on nonprofit organizations across our state. By leveraging Catchafire’s extensive network of nearly 90,000 dedicated volunteers, the Partnership for a Healthier Wisconsin assists organizations in addressing important issues. From community health initiatives to healthcare access programs, these nonprofits have benefited from a valuable resource with Catchafire’s experienced professionals who donate their time and expertise.

AHW Director Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld“As we strive to build a healthier Wisconsin, our collaboration with Catchafire has been instrumental in addressing the pressing challenges faced by nonprofits in our region,” says Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, senior associate dean and director at AHW. “It’s a testament to the power of skilled volunteers coming together to support these vital organizations in their missions.”

Connecting Wisconsin Nonprofits with Skilled Volunteers

Catchafire’s tailored approach ensures that organizations receive support in areas they need it most, matching them with volunteers based on their specific needs. Whether it’s data management, business systems development, technical writing, or graphic design, Catchafire volunteers are experienced professionals who help nonprofits complete their projects with confidence.

With Catchafire, the Partnership for a Healthier Wisconsin has helped the state’s nonprofits access a growing pool of skilled volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. This not only strengthens organizations’ abilities to fulfill their missions but also builds a sense of shared purpose and collaboration.

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AHW’s Impact in Wisconsin with Catchafire

AHWs impact through the Partnership for a Healthier Wisconsin is significant, with 175 AHW-funded organizational licenses statewide and more than $677,000 in savings by AHW-supported organizations to date. With this collaboration, AHW has amplified the reach and effectiveness of our funding initiatives, contributing to healthier Wisconsin communities.

The success stories that have come from this collaboration are as diverse as the organizations it has supported. From grassroots community nonprofits to established healthcare providers, Catchafire’s impact spans organizations throughout Wisconsin. By providing pro bono support valued at over $526,000, and contributing more than 2,500 volunteer hours since 2022, Catchafire is a valuable platform for Wisconsin nonprofits working to make positive changes for health in Wisconsin.

To learn more about the Partnership for a Healthier Wisconsin and Catchafire, visit https://healthywipartners.catchafire.org.