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December 29, 2023 Posted by AHW Endowment

Learn about the different resources and information AHW has compiled for Wisconsin Public Health

Our vision at the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment (AHW) is to make Wisconsin the healthiest state in the nation—a vision that can’t be achieved without maximizing the health of ALL Wisconsinites and developing programs, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing opportunities aimed at achieving health equity, which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines as “the state in which everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their highest level of health."

A new page on our website, Improving Public Health in Wisconsin Through Collaboration, features a variety of resources and references on the latest data, developments, and updates in Wisconsin’s public health landscape. By collecting and sharing this information, we aim to support collaborative approaches to our most significant public health challenges and to improve the health of every person in our state.

Featured Resource: Healthy People 2030

The public health challenges we face in Wisconsin are not exclusive to our state, and AHW and other public health organizations must stay up to date on best practices in improving health and wellness in our communities. We list two important resources for national best practices in public health on our new page:

HP2030-Champion-WebBadge (1)As a certified Healthy People 2030 Champion, AHW joins other public and private organizations that are working to impact health outcomes at state, tribal, and local levels. Follow our links to learn more about the Healthy People 2030 Champion Program, the benefits and resources provided to members, and the tools, data, and other resources that Healthy People 2030 shares for public health professionals.

We also direct site visitors to learn more about the Region V Public Health Training Center, which offers training and other resources for the current and future public health workforce.

Learn more about how AHW is tapping National Best Practices to improve health in Wisconsin.

Stay tuned for next month's post about the various resources AHW has compiled on our Improving Public Health Through Collaboration page with valuable data and information on Wisconsin's public health challenges.

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