Message from the Director: Hello 2022

January 14, 2022 Posted by AHW Endowment

As COVID continues to change our world and impact our daily lives, AHW Director Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld talks resilience and looks ahead.

It’s hard to believe another year has already come and gone.

2021 proved to be yet another unprecedented year of challenges as we continued to learn how to best navigate a world marked by unpredictability. As I reflect on all we have faced over the last two years, both professionally and personally, individually and as a collective, a common theme has consistently shone through: resilience.

As a physician, I continue to be amazed at how the human body exhibits biological resilience when encountering stress, illness or surgery. Part of my job as a physician, is to help my patients to bounce back from difficult medical circumstances through the care I deliver.

At AHW, we play a similar role in lifting up our partners across the state by supporting their resilience. In spite of the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, this has allowed us to work together to launch new programs, as we push forward with the creation of new and innovative funding opportunities. We’ve also made deliberate investments in building the capacity and skills of our partners across the state, all aimed at enabling others to achieve our shared mission: improving the health for people in every corner of the state.

While we’ve overcome so much that has been thrown at us with grace and dexterity, we also acknowledge that not every day was perfect. We learned to be OK with having bad days, with the stress of all so many changes popping up in unexpected ways for all of us – at home, at work, in meetings, on email. So, as we all continue to navigate this new world in the new year, I urge us all to give each other space, support, and empathy along the way.

I’m confident our resilience will continue to carry us through 2022 – I’m looking forward to working with you, our partners across Wisconsin, and continuing to make positive change possible statewide.

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